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Silva Solutions specializes in the creating and training of
Alternative Dispute Resolution Programs
for government agencies, juvenile courts, and corporations.

The Juvenile Mediation Practitioner Manual is a 'how to' for conducting a successful Juvenile Mediation, whether you want to become a Court Appointed Mediator, or simply start your own Juvenile Mediation business. There are no laws in the State of Georgia limiting, or restricting the practice of Juvenile Mediation outside of the court system. The reader is taken by the hand and guided through each step of a Juvenile Mediation, and the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Rules.

This Juvenile Mediation Practitioner Manual is approved by the Georgia Bar for use in the training of attorneys. The information contained within this manual is easily adaptable to satisfy the laws of your locale.

The corner stone of Juvenile Mediation is the healing process between children in conflict with society and each other. John Locke said that we left the forest to form government and protect our property. What about our children, did they become lost on our way to the Forum? Do we protect some, while locking others up? Let us be of one mind and give our children their childhood. We owe them that much.

Psychologists say our experiences in society determine our destiny. The child is no different. Juvenile Mediation is crucial for setting children back on the right course, while showing them it is by far better to build bridges of friendships, creating allies, than bullying another. Therein lies the power of a child.
Theresa Da Silva Edwards earned her Juris Doctor in Law, from John Marshall Law School (Georgia) in 1996, after graduating from Fordham University (New York City), with a B.A. in Political Science. During her third year in law school, she interned in the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office, litigating and mediating a caseload of about 20 cases daily. Theresa then went on to Clerk for the Honorable Sanford Jones, Chief Judge of Fulton County Juvenile Court.

Prior to engaging in her Juvenile Mediation practice she served as Senate Information Officer for the Senate of the State of Georgia. Dr. Da Silva Edwards is a Juvenile Court Appointed Mediator and served the Rockdale and Newton Counties Juvenile Courts. She also served as Guardian ad litem for Newton County Superior Court.

The Georgia Supreme Court certified Dr. Da Silva Edwards as a General Mediator. Her corporation specializes in the creating and training of Alternative Dispute Resolution Programs for government agencies, juvenile courts, and corporations such as American Telephone & Telegraph Company (AT&T).
Dr. Theresa Da Silva Edwards
Owner/CEO Silva Solutions, Inc.